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We are committed to the health and well being of the community. Our commitment is to assist our patient to achieve health and wellness of mind and body. Our goal is not the absence of disease or illness, but a joint promise to a commitment of lifestyle change.

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Our Services

Family Practice Medicine

Family Practice Medicine

Our Health & Wellness Clinic provides a wide range of services dedicated to meeting the health care needs of families – from adolescents to adults.

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Medical Weight Loss

Are you tired of weight loss programs that just don’t work? We’d like to introduce you to a weight loss program that involves no surgery, no starving, no outrageous exercise programs, and no packaged meals. You won’t feel tired, hungry or irritable as with most diets.

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Aesthetic Injectable

Aesthetic Injectable - Botox

Can you see an appearance of fine lines on your face? Are your laugh lines getting deeper? If your answer is yes, then botox could be the answer for you.

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Body Contouring

truSculpt - Body Contouring

The truSculpt Procedure is a body contouring treatment that burns off inches of fat from your body, An alternative to liposuction and surgery. The truSculpt system, a breakthrough non-invasive procedure, is now available to you in our clinic.

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Laser Therapies

Laser Treatments

Laser skin care treatment programs use light energy to create changes in the skin layers in order to reduce the visible signs of aging and environmental damage.

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Skincare & Cosmetics

skincare and cosmetics

In our clinic we offer a complete range of skincare and cosmetics medical grade products and solutions. All products we offer are carefully chosen and all procedures are customized to your skin type and expertly performed to produce the best possible results

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Hormone Therapies

>Hormone Therapies

Our therapy program Bio-identical hormone replacement (BioTE®) is an all-natural way to replenish decreased hormone levels in women and men.

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Skincare Treatments for Face & Body

Skincare treatments face body

Our treatment targets a series of Skin conditions such as, Skin Rejuvenation, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Rosacea, Acne, Hydration, Detox, Collagen Building & Texture.

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